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About Orthodontics

Patients typically seek orthodontic treatment for one of the following reasons: health, aesthetics, comfort, function and stability. Our goals are to create a pleasing smile, a healthier and more functional bite, comfort and health of the teeth and gum tissues, as well as increased longevity of the teeth. It is very satisfying for us to witness the improved self-esteem and confidence in our patients as they undergo treatment to improve their smile





Dr. Cox and Dr. Lauderdale will review and discuss your treatment for orthodontics. We offer to our patients the best in referrals for both children and adults. For your convenience Hester and Morris Orthodontics come to Nashville and use our office on the third Friday of each month. For more information on how to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hester or Dr. Morris please give their office a call or visit their website at....

Hester and Morris Orthodontics